27th May 2014

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I haven’t exactly been keeping up to date with progress on this. who am I kidding, once I had a working leg and had the time i did the rest in one swoop. Here’s the second test print, the first had gaps in places it shouldn’t and wasn’t really able to be assembled satisfactorily.

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4th February 2014

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the quest for ball joint pony continues :V
definitly getting better, will probably fuse the ball to the lower leg part.

the quest for ball joint pony continues :V

definitly getting better, will probably fuse the ball to the lower leg part.

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1st February 2014

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I have started working on a project to make a ball jointed pony. this was print test #1. Im going to keep trying different styles on the leg until i find the articulation i want out of it. I have a high detail printer with which I can print parts in a few hours for prototyping. 

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13th January 2014

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borgpony invades secondlife :V

borgpony invades secondlife :V

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5th November 2013

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been a while since i posted anything. Having fun with the new [SC] pony avatar with a fluffy mod someone made for the [EP] pony. 

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28th June 2013

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every single person who reblogs this




will get “doot doot” in their ask box



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27th June 2013

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someone made a simple unity based attack on titan game :O its pretty sweet.

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23rd June 2013

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I’ve been watching devil survivor 2 the animation since it came out, and although its clearly based on a game, I’ve been enjoying it. I like the opening credits but especially like the ending credits. I do like it when animes go out of their way to change the credits as the anime progresses. In this case people in the ending credits have been disappearing as they cease to exist with the progression of the story. 

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20th June 2013

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This raccoon never left the side of a cat who was dying of a tumor. The cat was comforted for the final hours of her life by her long time friend.


legit tears


the last gif though, he pats the cat, omg 

They cuddle up :(

shame this is fake. the gifs are from a video of the cat and coon playing.


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13th February 2013

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So a friend sent me a program for making custom magic cards. He wanted my help doing something with pony themed cards he was making. I needed to change the rarity value of the cards so i asked him, “how do i change rarity.” he responded, “you can’t change rarity, she will always be a heartless bitch”

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